Angling Restrictions applicable to all anglers

Bank fishing

  • No restrictions - We are relying on common sense, on social distancing etc, both in the car parks and on the Loch Banks. Please record you catches either in the boathouse,or via phone/answering machine.

Boat fishing

  • Follow government regulations around social distancing and the number of people in a group
  • Nets will NOT be provided
  • If you want to start fishing before 10am, boats MUST be booked.
  • When booking a boat you MUST specify 1 or 2 man (see Use of the Boathouse and Car Park) and also MUST state if a battery and/or outboard is required.
  • You will be allocated a launch time  e.g 9:00, 9:10- this is to avoid too many people gathering outside the boathouse. However as soon as one boat leaves the boathouse another can get in immediately This is really a sequence to load and get the boats out - as soon as a boat leaves, the boatman will call you forward to load and get out of the boathouse
  • Payment will be done as you enter the boathouse. No coinage under £1.
  • If you want to start fishing at any time after 10am, ideally book a boat in advance You can turn up on spec but there is no guarantee that a boat or a car parking space will be available
  • Payment after 10am is as per current method – fill out ticket – money in an envelope posted through the letter box in the office door.
  • The boatman will allocate boats and direct anglers to the boats
  • When returning to the boathouse , tackle is taken down, all equipment packed before mooring at the boathouse/pontoon. Unload your boat as quickly as possible - maximum of 4 people in the boathouse and 2 on the pontoon at any one time.