Loch Reports 2021

As at 1st September
The separate evening sessions have now ended.
Weed has been and continues for the moment to be an issue getting out from the boathouse into the main body of the Loch, despite efforts to keep a narrow channel open and there have been some outboards damaged.

Bank fishing challenging due to the weed.

Fishing has been generally very good, with  the usual buzzers/pheasant tail/daiwl bacs , small  cormorants etc connecting , although some days going deep - but not necessarily pulling lures,  is the method that works. Apps bloodworm has been mentioned - so maybe......

Just out from the boathouse bay has been probably the most productive area - partly because that is  where the majority of boasts gather. Conder is heavily weeded with a couple of deeper holes still fishable. Out from Condor bay in the deep water has fished well - again its where boats are gathering so fish will be caught...
20 yards off the Green Bank, either drifting or anchoring has produced some decent catches

Please note -- there have been fish caught and killed - and then left in the bin at the boathouse. This is not desirable from the wastage of stock in the loch, disrespectful to the trout and also stinks up the boathouse. Please only kill trout that are going to be used.