Loch Reports 2020

After reopening on May 29th the fishing on the loch was excellent , with many anglers having double figure catches of extremely well conditioned trout.

Stocking has continued , with a addition 3000 in mid May - as planed from the beginning of June.
The loch is about 2 feet lower than at the start of the season with a lack of rain.

The clarity of the water remains clear once out of the boathouse bay.
The boathouse bay is heavily weeded and it may be that you need to row the first 30 yards.
Bank fishing has been patchy but generally most anglers are catching 2's and 3's

The fishing from the boats also has also been variable - limit bags and reasonable numbers in catch and release have been recorded. Reports have indicated fish have been crammed with small snails and green buzzers.
Brownies of good quality and size have been are being caught (generally) daily.
A large stocking of rainbows will be distributed over the Loch on the 12th.