Loch Reports 2021

As at 26th May
Despite the cold easterly winds throughout May ,both, boat and bank fishing has been excellent ,without having to pull lures, all the time.

Floating and midge/sink tip lines with the usual buzzers/pheasant tail/daiwl bacs being productive, although some days going deep is the only option.
The north side of the boathouse bay , and almost into the boathouse itself has fished well.
Drummie and the road shore leading to drummie have been busy and productive.
Condor end has been patch but is probably the best place in the loch for rising
fish.- condor end has

A number of browns up to 6lb have been caught with quite a few being released.
Fish of the month for May is a brown at 6.5 lbs.
The jetty beside the boathouse as provided good sport bank when there has been a light wind.
The green bank has been fishing well in all light winds.

Please note - because a lot of fish are being released, play them hard , keep the net in the water , unhook the fish without handling them, let the fish recover (until they right themselves), and gentle release from the net by turning the net inside out.

Playing fish when intending to return them with rods barely bent, letting them thresh around in the net in the boat and handling will cause the death (and waste) of many of these fish.