Anglers Must Abide by the Rules Of the Loch:

All tickets are sold on the understanding that the purchaser accepts these conditions.
1. Fishing for trout in Rescobie Loch is by Fly Only, using Fly rod and reel. 

  • The use of Spinning Tackle of any description is expressly forbidden. 
  • Bubble Float and Fly is prohibited.

2. All fish less than 12 inches must be returned.

  • There is a bag limit of 4 fish per session and members limited to 8 fish per week.
  • Catch and release is permitted using barbless hooks. 
  • Released fish must not be removed from water.

3. No trolling from boats and no anchoring to floats.
4. All anglers must ensure that their conduct is in keeping with good sportsmanship and due regard given to other anglers using the loch. Ungentlemanly conduct will not be tolerated.
5. All litter to be placed in the provided receptacles. 
6. Anglers must follow the designated routes when crossing Riparian Owners' property.
7. Catch returns must be made within 24 hours,
returns may be 'phoned in during Boatman's hours.

8. In the event of any breach of rules, the Committee's decision is final.