Angling Restrictions applicable to all anglers

For the first two weeks of the loch will be open members only

Bank fishing

  • No restrictions - We are relying on your common sense, on social distancing etc, both in the car parks and on the Loch Banks, and please record you catches either in the boathouse, again, applying social distancing, or via phone/answering machine.

Boat fishing

  • Avoid gatherings at all times - following government social distancing rules in place at the current point in time.
  • To start with, there will be day sessions only (which will be continually reviewed) - 2 boatmen will be in attendance in the morning. We will see how the ways of working operate, and get evening sessions back as soon as possible.
  • Nets will NOT be provided
  • There will be no member and guest tickets issued unless the guest lives in the same house as the member
  • One person per boat. 2 person boats ONLY if they live in the same house.
  • If you want to start fishing before 10am, boats MUST be booked.
  • When booking a boat you will be allocated a launch time on a first come first served basis.
  • Launch times will be staggered in 10 minute slots starting from 9:00am e.g. 9:00, 9:10, 9:20 etc,
  • You can specify which slot you want e.g. 9:20. IF there is a free slot  at that time it will be booked under your name - but if you are late and miss your launch time you will have to wait until all booked boats are out of the boathouse
  • If you arrive prior to your allocated slot, either remain in your car, or apply common sense around social distancing in the car park/grass area.
  • Payment will be done only before you start loading your boat for the launch slot allocated. Exact money only.
  • If you want to start fishing at any time after 10am, ideally book a boat in advance. Payment after 10am is as per current method – fill out ticket – money in an envelope posted through the letter box in the office door. Respect social distancing rules
  • When booking a boat you MUST state if a battery and/or outboard is required.
  • You can turn up on spec but there is no guarantee that a boat will be available.

There are 3 launching points –

  • 2 in the boathouse. As you look out of the boathouse, boats will be launched in order, from the 1st on the left and the 5th from the left, then 2nd and 6th etc.
  • The pontoon - Boats will be launched in order, closest to boathouse first.
  • To start with - each person will have a 7 hour fishing session - so if your allocated slot is 9:00am , you will in the boathouse, unloading, at 16:00, if your allocated slot is 9:10am you will be in at 16:10 etc. NOTE -When evening sessions are reinstated the session times and duration may change e.g. to accommodate launching slots, docking /sanitizing boats etc.
  • For boats going out after 10am the end of your fishing, mooring and unloading will have to fit into times, where you will not be in direct contact with other angers - again use common sense.
  • In general, the boatman will not help you with equipment – unless there is an exceptional circumstance AND the boatman is comfortable with helping you – maintain social distancing.
  • Rods etc should be assembled in the boat after you have left the launch points
  • Tackle should be taken down, equipment packed before mooring at the boathouse/pontoon. Unload your boat as quickly as possible – only 1 person at the pontoon at a time – 2 in the boathouse.