For 2019

With the 2019 approaching fast , all preparations and the initial stockings have been completed. Many thanks to all those who gave up their time attending work parties..

Please note , at the AGM, members decided, after discussion, that

  • no bales will be placed in the Loch in 2019 - this is being done to determine if the bales are effective in reducing algae blooms in summer and autumn.
  • No extension of the hessian matting to widen the path from  the boathouse to the main basin of the Loch is done

Existing members must pay, in full, for their 2019 season ticket prior to the start of the 2019 season.

If this does not happen we will assume that you do not want to retain your membership and individuals on the waiting list will be offered membership

Special Notice for 2019When fishing catch and release-

  • Boobies must not be used
  • Use knotless rubberized landing nets
  • Net the fish as soon as possible (play the fish hard with a good bent rod - playing fish lightly just exhausts them reducing the chance of good recovery)
  • Never bring the fish into the boat - keep the fish in the net and the net in the water.
  • Avoid handling fish - use forceps to remove hook - gripping the hook close to the fish's mouth
  • Fish should be kept in the net in the water , giving them enough time to recover , before letting the fish swim out of the net.