Special Notice for 2018

Existing members must pay, in full, for their 2018 season ticket prior to the start of the 2018 season - if this does not happen we will assume that you do not want to retain your membership and individuals on the waiting list will be offered membership.

Also, if you do not want to renew your membership please let us know as soon as possible to allow us to offer membership on those on the waiting list in a timely manner for 2018.


We have been trying to contact individuals listed on our waiting list - many contact numbers/addresses which we have listed appear to be no longer valid.
If believe you are on the waiting list and have not been contacted please email
rescobieloch@gmail.com with your current details -home number, mobile number, and address. If we cannot contact you, your potential membership for the next season will be impacted - you will remain in the position for subsequent years - BUT it is your responsibility to contact US