Use of the boathouse and car park  - the impact of COVID 19 on the facilities

The Boathouse

  • No tea, coffee etc will be provided
  • No food preparation in the boathouse (oven/fridges will be shut off)
  • Seats will be out of bounds
  • Up to 4 anglers in the boathouse at a time, 2 the pontoon.
  • Weighing fish and recording in the book as before – remember to use sanitiser before using the pen and, again maintain, social distancing.
  • Boats and toilet, will be sanitised prior to each session
  • Sanitiser and paper towels will be provided in the boathouse and on the pontoon.
  • SANA recommends that there should be no toilet facilities - however this is a recommendation and is not practical. Sanitiser will be provided – try to avoid contact with surfaces, use the sanitiser, wipe down and flush.....Again use common sense
  • Car park

  • There is a restricted number of car park spaces.There may be rare occasions (it has not happened yet) when the car park is full but not all boats are out e.g 9 2 man boats booked = 18 spaces leaving only 4 spaces for the remaining 7 boats. If the car park is full, the unused boats can only be used if a member of your household can drop you off and pick you up.
  •  Please don't block other cars in