Use of the boathouse - the impact of COVID 19 on the facitilties

The Boathouse (in SANA definition this would be classified as a clubhouse), car park and toilet

  • No tea, coffee etc will be provided
  • No food preparation in the boathouse (oven/fridges will be shut off)
  • Seats will be out of bounds
  • Only 2 anglers in the boathouse at a time, one 1 on the pontoon.
  • Weighing fish and recording in the book as before – remember to use sanitiser before using the pen and, again maintain, social distancing.
  • Boats and toilet, will be disinfected for each session
  • Sanitiser and paper towels will be provided in the boathouse and on the pontoon.
  • In the car park, to start with, the boatman will direct you to a parking bay.
  • The toilet will be a challenge , sanitiser will be provided – please try to avoid contact with surfaces and use the sanitiser, wipe down with paper and flush.....Again use common sense