Loch Reports 2019

Rescobie Loch Report - 9-Aug-2019
Boathouse bay, Doc Millers , large parts of the Green Ban, are unfishable due to weed..
There is a open channel out from the boathouse to the open water - stay on the left hand side of the buoys, keep the outboard high in the water and the propeller angled and you will have no issues..
The weed is now beginning to die back

The deep water just out from the boathouse bay has been heavily fished (many rods having double figure days), with lots of fish being caught , with many fish nipping at the flies - some being briefly hooked... Tactics appear to be midge tips with buzzers  , Diawl Bachs etc

In the main these fish are in the 1 1/2  to 2lbs range - with occasional bigger fully finned , silvered up fish up to about 6lbs.
Fish are being caught all over the loch for those that venture away from exit from boathouse bay, Out from the green Bank, deep water out from Drimmie , outside of the reed islands , the narrows and bang in the middle of the main bowl

Tactics vary from floating lines with buzzers to blobs, DI 5 with boobies and blobs, twitching to pulling fast ,- boobies and blobs stripped across the top have seen (for me) some big wakes as the trout charge the flies - not many caught but good fun .....,
There have been few reports of any bags on dries/sedges,.
The Loch continues to be stocked , generally fornightly, with a a couple of large stockings already done.