Loch Reports 2018

June 4th

Its fair to say that the fishing has been patchy and challenging at times - the only thing we can think is that the , sometimes cold , easterly winds have changed the fish behavior - and that when the winds return to the prevailing westerly , fishing will return to its normal self...

That said a bank competition held last week saw numerous 4 limit bags , one day recently when others were struggling, one angler had 15 to his own rod and lost a number of others. His tactics where black dancer on a fast intermediate line in about 15 ft of water. Fish are there , just not playing the game.

Stocking  continues with a 1000 of Welham park's due shortly.

Weed is becoming a problem,  when fishing sinking lines, in the shallower water, , which has heated up a lot with the weather of the past weeks.


May 20th
After a slow start , the fishing in late April and early May picked up .
However the past couple of weeks has not been great, Cold Easterly winds plus gin clear water have not helped. Evening rises in particular are not really delivery the expected goods

Stocking has been as normal based on previous seasons - so its not for a lack of fish.
One angler recorded 4 kept and 12 returned
At at recent competition, there were plenty 8 fish recorded .

Condor end , reed islands , doc millars and just out of the boathouse bay are being heavily fished with lots of fish being seen but are proving hard to tempt.
A lot of catch and release is now being done - but a lot of fish don't survive, and can be seen on the bottom of the loch.

Please use barbless hooks , play fish hard, don't handle or bring fish into the boat/bank, if fish are netted - let the fish recover in the net.
Just about everything is catching (including dries now),

The fishing will improve as the winds change to the normal prevailing west wind - so get out there - bumper catches are there to be had