Loch Reports 2017


Catching fish has been a bit more of a challenge at Rescobie Loch as the 2017 season comes to an end. The colder and windy weather have been making conditions tough. Some cracking Rainbows have been caught in the last few days of the season - E Sellars 9 lbs, C Walls 9 lbs, Mr Watson 8 lbs 5 oz, J Malloch 8 lbs 4 oz, Mr Murchie 6 lbs 8 oz, G Burnett 6 lbs. 

Fish of the month for October looks liked being tied with E Sellars and C Walls both with excellent rainbow trout of 9 lbs.

Clubs fishing recently have been Balgay FFC 2 for 6 lbs, FFDAC 7 for 20 lbs 6 oz, Ferranti 4 for 14 lbs 8 oz biggest being 5 lbs 8 oz, AA Club 4 for 11 lbs 8 oz.


With the end of the fishing season fast approaching boat fishing on theLoch is now a single session (9 am until 1 hour after sunset - exact times are displayed in the boathouse). 

Fishing is still excellent - last week bettered the previous week with anglers catching the basket limit, and releasing more.

On Saturday 26 Aug was the first leg of the annual RLDA Raemoir competition. The present holders the RLDA won the day by 10 lbs,  in total 57 fish were  caught with 29 being returned..

August fish of the month leader is A Woodrow with a rainbow trout of 7 lbs 4 oz,

The clubs fishing recently include Leslie and Glenrothes had 24 rainbows for 84 lbs 5 oz, and 3 browns for 6 lbs, Monifieth AC had 19 fish for 45 lbs, Pitlochry ac 7 for 19 lbs 5 oz

Some of the anglers catching the four fish limit are, A Wood with 2 browns for 9 lbs and 4 oz and 2 rainbows for 5 lbs,G Burnett 14 lbs, B Murchie 13 lbs, Mr Middleton 12 lbs, Mr Whyte 11 lbs 8 oz, A Brewster 11 lbs, R Buick 11 lbs.

The Loch is still fishing well despite mixed weather conditions.
Fish are to be found all over the Loch with the middle of the main bay reported to be the hot spot for the last week.
Fish recorded (not including trout returned) for July were Brownies - 129 for 297 lbs, Rainbows 931 for 2030 lbs.
Fish of Month winner for July was J Davies with his Rainbow trout of 6 lbs 4 oz.
August fish of the month leader is A Woodrow with a Rainbow trout of 7 lbs 4 oz.
On the 5th of August RLDA held the 2nd last fishing competition Res

On the 5th of August RLDA held the 2nd last fishing competition - which was Won by I Buchan with 4 fish and 4 returned for 17 lbs 3.5 oz,
Second was G Gall with 4 fish and 4 returned for 17 lbs 1 oz.
Total back comprised of 4 brownies for 10 lbs 8 oz and 40 rainbows for 105 lbs.....Visiting clubs include .Blairgowrie AA who caught 20 fish for 55 lbs 7 oz.

Numerous anglers catching the four fish limits - highlights being  

Mr Cochrane 15 lbs,J Moncur 14 lbs 8 oz,,C Walls 13 lbs 8 oz,                           B Murchie  13 lbs, H Gauld 13 lbs, D Milne 12 lbs 8 oz, E Sellars 12 lbs,            &  R McIntosh 11 lbs 12 oz

As of 23rd July

On the 23rd of July , for the 9th year, the Maggie's charity, was held on Sunday 23rd of July. 19 anglers caught 47 trout (browns and rainbows).The winner being A Wood (4 for 14.4 lbs), 2nd J Henderson(4 for 10.80 lbs), 3rd L Shepherd (4 for 10.60 lbs), 4th G Austin(3 for 10.6 lb)s.  A  Wood had the largest fish - an excellent brown trout of 5.9 lbs.

 A Total of £880 was raised on the day - a big thank you to all that took part.

Excellent fishing has been had at Rescobie Loch over the past two weeks with plenty of fish being caught by the anglers. Water clarity is holding up for the time of the year with just a bit of colour starting to show.

July fish of the month leader is still J Davies with a Rainbow of 6 lbs 4 oz.

On the 15 of July there was another fishing Competition held by the RLDA the winner (just!!) being G Irvine (4 kept plus 4 returned for 19.30 lbs ) 2nd L Shepherd (4 kept and 4 returned for 19.25 lbs. 15 browns were kept for 32 lbs and 34 Rainbows kept 128 lbs

Clubs fishing have been Newtyle and Meigle who caught 6 browns for 13 lbs 9 oz and 21 rainbows for 52 lbs 3 oz , Balbeggie AC 9 browns for 18 lbs and 23 rainbows for 65 lbs 10 oz, Perth Ex Servicemen 3 browns for 7 lbs 4 oz, Perth Anglers 12 rainbows for 33 lbs 3 oz, Brax AC 3 browns and 15 rainbows for 50 lbs 8 oz and Discovery AC with 21 fish for 54 lbs 8 oz.

Many anglers are weighing in the 4 fish limit - some notable ones are, B Murchie 14 lbs 4 oz, Hamish Aitken 14 lbs, A Brewster 13 lbs 8 oz, E Sellars 12 lbs, P Hogan 11 lbs 8 oz, Bob Cox 11 lbs.

As of 9th July 

The Loch continues to fish well heading into the summer months. Fish are being caught  all over the - weed growth has restricted fishing in some of the shallower.  Water quality is also good for the time of the year. Fish weighed in for June - 14 Brown trout  for 24 lbs and 906 rainbow trout for 2104 lbs - however many more being returned!!!.

Fish of the Month winner for June is Ged Burrnet with a brown trout of 6 lbs 12 oz.  The fish of the month leader for July is J Davies with a rainbow trout of 6 lbs 4 oz.

On the 2nd of July there was a RLDA bank fishing competition with 27 fish caught for 65 lbs, The winner was G Gall with four fish for 10 lbs 14 oz, 2nd was S Cassels with 4 fish for 10 lbs

Clubs fishing recently have been, FFDCA who had 33 fish 77 lbs, Dundee AC 25 fish for 51 lbs, Balbeggie AC 36 fish for 86 lbs.

The best weights of the 4 limit bags are - Mr Keith 14 lbs 10 oz, Mr Barlow 13 lbs, K Stewart 12 lbs, A Brewster 11 lbs 8 oz, D Milne 11 lbs.

As Of 26-Jun

Rescobie Loch angling is top form with fish being caught from all over the Loch and at all depths. Anglers are also getting plenty of offers and fish getting away. The high winds on Saturday has meant the Loch was closed for fishing for the evening session with a boat having to be rescued from the Condor end during the day due to conditions. 

The fish of the Month for June leader has change from G Cheetham's rainbow of 4 lbs 8 oz to G Burrnet Brown of 6 lbs 12 oz.

The RLDA has had its annual competition against the Scottish Juniors recently with the Juniors winning with a total of 91 fish against 53 for the RLDA. The top rods for the Juniors was R Gibson with 14 fish, J Queen with 12 fish and C Smith with 12 fish. The top rods for the RLDA was L Shepard with 10 fish, C Nicol with 7 fish, I Buchan 6 fish.

On the 18 of June there was another RLDA competition this was for pairs, the pairs team that won was S Cassels and L Anderson with 15 fish for 29 lbs 9 oz. the individual winner was S Reith with 8 fish for 17 lbs 8 oz, second was G Gall 8 fish for 16 lbs 8 oz, with a total of 42 fish for 94 lbs,

Clubs fishing recently have been, Anstruther AC who had 45 fish for 103 lbs 5 oz, Dundee Inter Ac 44 fish for 105 lbs, Priory AC 18 fish for 44 lbs, Dundee East End AC 17 fish for 38 lbs 5 oz, Brechin AC 32 fish for 67 lbs 4 oz.

The best of the anglers catching the four fish limit are,  J Smith 14 lbs, A Harrower 13 lbs 12 oz, Mr Bannister 12 lbs 4 oz, Bob Cox 12 lbs, M Norrie 12 lbs, G Armstrong 11 lbs 4 oz, Mr Taylor 11 lbs, L Dickson 11 lbs.

As Of 11-Jun

The Loch has suffered from the changeable weather of the past two weeks with less anglers keen to tackle the tricky conditions. The stormy weather has coloured up what was, gin clear water adding to the reasons the anglers not being very successful or so they say .  

The weed cutting started in the first week in June with the Boathouse bay cut and the Greenbank and also the Condor end done. 

Fish caught for May month were 24 brown trout for 85 lbs 10 oz and 869 rainbow trout for 2357 lbs.

On the 29 of May the British Heart Foundation held one of its outings with there anglers catching 17 fish for 50 lbs.

The 26th of may saw the RLDA have another competition this was won by L Anderson who had four fish and two returned for 15.70 lbs, second was A Beattie who had four fish and one returned for 12.00 lbs.

There has been four clubs fishing they were, Blairgowrie who had 17 fish for 46 lbs 2 oz, Dundee Hydro 11 fish for 29 lbs 10 oz, Perth Anglers 14 fish for 41 lbs and Legion 15 fish for 39 lbs 10 oz.

The best of the anglers catching four fish are, N Spence 13 lbs, H Gauld 11 lbs 8 oz, Dave Watson 10 lbs 8 oz, B Murchie 10 lbs 4 oz, G Smith 10 lbs, R Buick 10 lbs.

As of 27-May

 Rescobie Loch has been fishing really well over the past 4 weeks with excellent water quality and settled weather all helping the anglers catch there fish. Fish are getting caught all over the Loch, with buzzers, crunchers , dries , plus the normal lures - large and small attracting the fish. In particular there have been some excellent conditioned overwintered trout - including some superb brownies

May fish of the month leader is A Brewster with a fine brown trout weighing in at 6 lbs 4 oz.

There have been a good number of clubs fishing over the past 4 weeks with one club fishing twice the Invicta Club who had 28 fish 64 lbs on their visits , Blairgowrie AA 31 fish for 74 lbs 4 oz, Hydro Dundee 18 fish for 43 lbs 14 oz, Perth Anglers 16 Fish for 40 lbs 15 oz, Glenrothes AC 30 fish for 83 lbs 3 oz, Stonehaven AC 18 fish for 34 lbs 8 oz, Forfar Masons AC 18 fish for 60 lbs 4 oz, DHSFP 11 fish for 30 lbs Stanley AC 16 fish for 42 lbs 12 oz.


excellent fishing has resulted in a good number of anglers catching the 4 fish limit including ,  J Westland 14 lbs, J Davie 13 lbs, G Hawkings 13 lbs, R Laing 12 lbs 8 oz, H Gauld 12 lbs 8 oz, J Moncur 12lbs 8 oz, C Nicoll 12 lbs 8 oz

As of 30th April 

Mixed weather in April has put off some anglers but not the fish with 1034 Rainbow Trout caught for 2570 lbs with 325 returned and 27 Brown Trout for 70 lbs 8 oz. 

Doc Millars, and Drimmie being the hot spots for the past two weeks.  On Sunday 30th the Loch was closed for fishing because of the high wind. The Trout Masters fish off was held on Sat 29th and was won by D Simpson with four fish for 8 lbs 12 oz and 3 returned. D Simpson now goes to the final on the 9th of October.

Friday 28th evening RLDA had a competition this was won by L Anderson with 4 caught and 4 returned giving a total of 17.90 lbs, 2nd was C Pyke with 4 caught and 3 returned giving him a total of 16.75 lbs. There was 39 fish caught for a weight of 99 lbs.

There have been only two clubs fishing in the past two weeks both having an excellent days fishing. . ABCD how had 26 fish for 60 lbs and 40 returned 

Wiyth all the fish getting caught there has been numerous anglers catching the four fish limit the very best of them are, G Smith 13 lbs 8 oz, G Austin 13 lbs 8 oz, J Malloch 13 lbs 8 oz, K Shepard 13 lbs 4 oz, J Moncur 12 lbs 12 oz, D Milne 12 lbs 4 oz, D Paton 12 lbs, E Sellers 11 lbs 8 oz, J Westland 11 lbs 8 oz, T Hale 11 lbs 4 oz, A Brewster 11 lbs

23rd April

Fishing at Rescobie Loch has been going really well in the past two weeks with the good weather and the water visibility both adding the excellent catches from the anglers. Fish are reported to be rising all over the Loch.

Fish of the Month for April Leader is C Pyke with a cracking brown trout of 6 lbs 4 oz.

The RLDA held a competition on the 8th of April catching a total of 75 fish for 200 lbs including 4 Brown Trout for 14 lbs. C Pyke catching the biggest fish of the day a Brown trout of 6 lbs 4 oz , 1st was G Armstrong with a total of 21.05 lbs, 2nd was B Henderson with a total of 19.80 lbs.

Clubs enjoying the excellent fishing have been Perth Ex Service 9 fish for 24 lbs 12 oz, Newtyle and Meigle AC 12 fish for 27 lbs 3 oz, Kingfisher AC 15 fish for 47 lbs, ABCD 32 fish for 72 lbs, Perth CSSA 27 fish for 66 lbs 11 oz, Dundee AC 27 fish for 65 lbs, Dundee West End 30 fish for 65 lbs.


excellent fishing has led to many anglers catching the four fish limit

the best of them are, G Armstrong 13 lbs, J Henderson 12 lbs, R Buick 12

lbs, Mr McMaster 12 lbs, R Smith 11 lbs 8 oz, A Kennedy 11 lbs 8 oz, D M

Smith 11 lbs, A Munro 11 lbs, P Greig 11 lbs, I Strachan 11 lbs, A

Fyall 11 lbs


Fishing has picked up over the last week after a slow start to the fishing season with fish rising all over the Loch.
Anglers are reporting that the fish are still the same hard fighting rainbows that are expected to catch a Rescobie Loch.
A good number of over wintered fish a showing up in anglers baskets.
Last week one unlucky angler fell out of his boat and in the water this happened in the boathouse bay not far from the boat house, luckily for the angler as it is a bit shallower there, and with the help of his boat partner got back in the boat very wet but none the worst for his soaking. The angler was not wearing his life-jacket on this day as conditions were not windy.
On the 25 March there was the first RLDA fishing competitions. 53 fish weighed in for 127 lbs 8 oz. the winner was S Cassels with a total of 17 lbs 4 oz, 2nd was C Nicoll with a total of 16 lbs 6 oz.

Fish of the Month for March, winner is F Keith with a Brown trout weighing in at 6 lbs 8 oz
Clubs fishing Rescobie Loch over the past two weeks, Balgay FFC 6 fish for 19 lbs 15 oz, Balbeggie 33 fish for 83 lbs 12 oz, Monifieth TAC 32 fish for 89 lbs, Leslie and Glenrothes 21 rainbows for 65 lbs and Browns 4 for 17 lbs 10 oz, Dundee Eastend 16 fish 46 lbs 3 oz, Stanley AC 25 fish for 63 lbs 12 oz.
There has been a large number of anglers catching the four fish limit the best of them are, P Greig 14 lbs, A Fyall 13 lbs, I Barlow 12 lbs 12 oz, B Murchie 12 lbs, S Morrison 11 lbs 8 oz, A Wood 11 lbs, Mr Joe 11 lbs, D Nelson 11 lbs, C Thornton 11 lbs, D McGinnes 10 lbs 12 oz.