Loch Reports 2019

Rescobie Loch Report - 9th June 2019
The loch is still very clear - but there is a hint of the green algae in the water.
Weed is now growing in the boathouse bay and the shallower water around the loch.
Winds have been unpredictable - some days with trhe wind changing direction up to 270 degrees !!!
Limit bags are certainly not on short supply with some stunning silvered up rainbows , which are fighting incredibly hard and cannot be "horsed" to the net. Visiting anglers and clubs have make comments to just hard fighting the fish are.
Brown trout are now being seen in bigger number as fish are weighed in - the best a superbly conditioned, marked an overwintered trout of around 8lbs.
Rainbows to 6lbs are being caught , with the average weight being between 2.5 to 3 lbs.
,Catches are being made on just about every method from buzzers etc to bobbies and lures.
Fishing the small stuff , lines used tend to be high in the water.
Lures etc are being used on intermediates - I have to seen any lines such as di3 being used.
The corner on the left hand side of Drimmie has been hammered for the past 2 week - and is till producing trout - although not as many as it did the the first week.
The deeper water off the point of Drimmie and  parallel to the green bank  have been productive. But all areas have been producing.

Catch and release is widely being practiced 

Please see the News page on guidance around catch and release - as playing handling & releasing in some manners simple leads to the fish bellying up and dying.

Tight Lines to all - have a look on our facebook page to see whats happening on a (mostly) daily basis