Loch Reports 2019

Rescobie Loch Report - 4th October 2019
The weed has been slower to die back that last year - as last year is was basically burnt due the long hot summer, however it is now dying off and breaking up...
The green algae also is beginning to disappear - with a bit of wind it disperses quickly - but was unpleasant for a few weeks.

For the boats , the deep water just out from the boathouse bay is still being been heavily fished and still producing fish - maybe not in the numbers of August an September.  Tactics appear to be midge tips or floaters with anything from buzzers to beaded lures.
In the main these fish are in the 1 1/2  to 2lbs range - with occasional bigger fully finned , silvered up fish ranging from 2lbs up to 5lbs. Biggest fish from the Loch for October is 7 1/2 lbs..
Fish are being caught all over the loch for those that venture away from exit from boathouse bay, Out from the green Bank, deep water out from Drimmie , outside of the reed islands , the narrows and bang in the middle of the main bowl
Bank fishing from Fona and the Greenbank has been patchy due to the weed, but some good catches have been made with some quality fish up to 6lbs being caught.
There has been one stocking this month with the last one planed at the middle of the month.
So tight lines for the last few weeks of the season...